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Where did you stop and give up on yourself?
Do you think it's too late for YOU?
Have you been looking for something to help you for a long time?
Whether you’ve been using Access Consciousness tools for a long time, or you’ve never heard of it before, now is the right time. Right now is the time to CHOOSE MORE FOR YOURSELF.
Join us, ask anything you are interested in, find out how we use them every day!

DATE: Wednesday, 09.09.2020.

TIME: 20:00 - 21:00

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Your facilitators

We are both Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitators and we use the tools of Access Consciousness® every day to create and receive more and more.

Both of us have changed our entire life with these tools.

Our target is to enjoy life as fully as possible and to empower people to greater possibilities in their lives.